Uncomfortable Prayer


Uncomfortable Prayer

There comes a time in each Christian’s life where we mature from always asking God to bless us with material possessions and wealth to asking God to lead us in His direction regardless of how comfortable we feel about where He’s leading us.


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    • I wrote this one after listening to a sermon on how Christians have a tendency to become comfortable in their faith. And when we get comfortable, we get lazy in our witness and ultimately cease to be a threat to the Enemy. While this results in the Enemy leaving us alone to wallow in our comfort, we also stop being an asset to the kingdom of God. I don’t want to lose my value as a warrior for God’s kingdom and so I wrote this poem/prayer.

  1. Thanks! Each post I add to this blog is one step closer to that uncomfortable existence I prayed for, it’s a huge leap of faith for me to walk away from a steady income and write full time.

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