Beyond the Bunny: An Easter Poem


As Christians, we are an Easter People. The cornerstone of our faith rests in the promise fulfilled through the Christ’s sacrificial offering of himself on the cross and subsequent bodily resurrection from the grave. However, even we Christians can get caught up in the secular hoopla surrounding this most holy event in the history of the world.

Check out my poem Beyond the Bunny to read more about this.


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  1. I agree and very much enjoyed reading your poem! Sometimes we get caught in ‘ the joy’ of the season, that we forget that Jesus died for us, and that is really what it’s about. The Easter eggs and Spring Season are wonderful things to celebrate, but lets not forget the true reason! 🙂


    • So true, Traci, especially those of us who have children. We desire to see the smiles on their faces and are tempted to go along with the commercialism of the season “for their sake” and forget that, for their sake we need to stand firm in our convictions to pass on the true reason Easter.

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