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Richard Wright’s “Man of All Work”


In light of the infamous novel & movie titled The Help, I thought it relevant to revisit a classical work by an influential writer in his own time concerning the issues of black women in the earlier years of America.


Richard Wright’s “Man of All Work”.


Character Analysis: Catherine in Northanger Abby by Jane Austen


One of my favorite novels by Jane Austen is Northanger Abby. And in that novel, Catherine is the epitome of the heroine looking for rationale in social conventions and challenging such conventions by following her heart.

Check out the character analysis here where I explain that innocence on social norms is not always a bad trait to have; actually it’s usually what changes the world around you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne & the Slavery Issue


Nathaniel Hawthorne is well-known for his Puritan novels (such as The Scarlet Letter) and short stories.

However, the slavery debate was alive and well in his lifetime too.

He took issue with both sides of the debate in his short story The Maypole of Merry Mount.

Read more of my analysis here.

African Art’s Influence on Pablo Picasso’s Cubism Paintings


Ever wonder where Pablo Picasso got his ideas for his paintings? Check out this latest article to find out.

Close Up of Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

The Doormat Syndrome | Healthmad


When does action equal inaction?

Picture Courtesy of 123RF

When the paralysis of your own fear controls the actions of both mind and body. It is a result of the parasite of years of hindering oneself to speak, to suppress one’s emotions in the hopes of keeping the peace, of not disturbing others around you for your own sake. It is the stake of smashed realities and dreams that falters our sense of responsibility to ourselves. If we spend too much of our lives walking in other’s shoes just to make them happy, the sores don’t appear on their feet, but on our own. These sores fester until they make us unable to move; what was once a conscience choice of peacekeeping becomes a handicapped inability to react and we become wholly dependent upon everyone else around us to make those decisions. Thus, our lack of independent mobility is a result of endless selflessness, to the point of paralysis.

Read more:The Doormat Syndrome | Healthmad.

The Role of American Women in the Anti-Slavery Movement


The Role of American Women in the Anti-Slavery Movement

The leadership role that women took in the fight against slavery in America almost always directly aligned with their own fight for rights. This article highlights a few of those important feminine leaders.

Stress and a Child’s Brain


How Stress Affects Children’s Brains

“Let’s face it, children are going to experience stress in life; however, the severity of the stress and the available adult support structure within a child’s life can have both positive and negative effects, especially on the child’s brain…..” Check out my latest article to learn how stress affects a child’s brain and what you can do to help prevent and/or reverse the damage.

Teachers & Professional Dress


Is it important for teachers to be well dressed?

If teachers want to be considered professionals, then their attire should reflect this request. Not only do the clothes define a person within his/her field, but it also presents a self-image of respect and professionalism to those in the community looking at those in the educational field.

On Mainstreaming Students with Disabilities


On Mainstreaming Students with Disabilities

Here’s a short article on the pros and cons of mainstreaming students with disabilities into the regular classroom. This continues to be a hot topic in education, especially as school systems struggle under limited budgets, overworked educators and underpaid and under-trained teachers. How to provide the best education to all students? Is one solution the best decision for all students?

Gender Separate Education


Advantages of Gender Separated Classrooms for Middle School Students

The roots to this approach to education dates back centuries, but today’s public educational system does not mirror this long-standing tradition.