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Author Page on Facebook


For those of you who are keeping up with my publications, here’s the link to my author webpage on Facebook. Take a look:

Thank you for following me on my adventure to debut publication. I am in the process of brainstorming a sequel. I’ll keep you in the loop.

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My Debut Novel is Finally Available!!!


I’m finally a published author!


After 15 + years of fearing, holding back, waiting for the right time, etc. I took the leap and wrote my first novel.



It’s an excitement I can also share with my teenage daughter. At 13, she is a published illustrator – drawing not only the cover art, but all of the inside illustrations as well! I am so proud of her.


My novel is currently available in paperback and hardback. The e-book format will be ready for purchase in another 4 weeks.


Here’s the links where it can be purchased:


Abbott Press website


Barnes & Noble website


For those of you in the Charlotte, NC area who would like a signed copy, drop me an email here .

The Next Step Towards Publication


Well, as of Friday night, I can’t turn back. Up until then, there was always the possibility that I could, but not now.

So what happened Friday? I hit “send” – and with the click of a button my manuscript (coupled with my talented daughter’s illustrations for the cover, etc.) where traversing through cyberspace in the direction of my publisher’s email.

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Taking it All In…


I get the email/call/etc. I’ve been both waiting for and dreading – “I’ve finished reading your manuscript and…”

How do I react? What do I do now?

Read more in my latest update on My Journey to Publication page.

A Writer’s Fear of Writing..


Fear of Writing..

Bold writers run the risk not only that readers in general will see right through them but that readers they care about will see them for who they are and walk away. Authors always feel in danger of being abandoned by loved ones. This is a potent fear. ~ Ralph Keyes

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A Writer’s Fear of Writing...

Technology & Writing


A lot of writers choose to work with technology. Others still avoid it like a plague. Me, I’m what you might call a mid-generation writer, tapping into both worlds depending upon what’s handy at the moment. But what happens when I force my own hand?

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