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A Mullica Dialogue II | Quazen


A Mullica Dialogue Ii | Quazen.

If you enjoyed  Squirrel’s first conversation, wait until you hear him get himself into trouble with Tom.

Here’s a snippet:

Tom: Now, Squirrel, you know that’s not your weekend territory. You might better not let your ma catch you round there neither.
Squirrel: I know. I know. It’s just I followed this girl there one day.
Tom: From where?
Squirrel: From her house, of course.

Read more: http://robin-harkey-dixon.quazen.com/recreation/outdoors/a-mullica-dialogue-ii/#ixzz23voukHj5


Poetry: Afraid


We cannot let the fear of who we used to be keep us from enjoying the happiness offered to us today.

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Poetry: Looking Ahead



We all have a tendency to look more into the past than into the future. However, if we’re ever going to get anywhere, we must take that blind leap eventually.