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A Mullica Dialogue II | Quazen


A Mullica Dialogue Ii | Quazen.

If you enjoyed  Squirrel’s first conversation, wait until you hear him get himself into trouble with Tom.

Here’s a snippet:

Tom: Now, Squirrel, you know that’s not your weekend territory. You might better not let your ma catch you round there neither.
Squirrel: I know. I know. It’s just I followed this girl there one day.
Tom: From where?
Squirrel: From her house, of course.

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A Mullica Dialogue | Quazen


A Mullica Dialogue | Quazen.

Ready for some fun with play on words dialogue? Then check this one out.

Here’s a sample:

Squirrel: Hey, man. Did you drive with the windows down again?

Mudflap: Huh? Why you say that?

Squirrel: Cause your flaps are muddy! (laughs)

Mudflap: Oh, nah. Wife had me sleeping with the pigs last night.

Squirrel: Again!? That’s the third time this week. What you do this time?

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The Doormat Syndrome | Healthmad


When does action equal inaction?

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When the paralysis of your own fear controls the actions of both mind and body. It is a result of the parasite of years of hindering oneself to speak, to suppress one’s emotions in the hopes of keeping the peace, of not disturbing others around you for your own sake. It is the stake of smashed realities and dreams that falters our sense of responsibility to ourselves. If we spend too much of our lives walking in other’s shoes just to make them happy, the sores don’t appear on their feet, but on our own. These sores fester until they make us unable to move; what was once a conscience choice of peacekeeping becomes a handicapped inability to react and we become wholly dependent upon everyone else around us to make those decisions. Thus, our lack of independent mobility is a result of endless selflessness, to the point of paralysis.

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Poetic Imagery of a Natural Reaction


Because of Betrayal 

Betrayal, by its mere definition, requires an intimate relationship, separating its effect on yourself from simple meanness on the part of a stranger. Betrayal is a break of trust, of a sacred vow (whether spoken or silent) between two souls. Therefore, the would of betrayal cuts deep and arises within one’s soul a passionate reaction.

In this poem, I attempt to convey into words what goes on inside, both physically and emotionally, when a person learns they have been betrayed.

Part Two of Emma’s Story


Sara: A Christmas Story

After many of my friends commented on The Room of Memory, I decided to continue Emma’s story focusing more on her relationship with her mother and building her mother’s own story as well. This sequel to The Room of Memory attempts to bring the reader closer to both ladies’ hearts.