I truly believe that the writing world is not so much a competition as it is a sharing of thoughts and ideas with those we have something in common. While every writer hopes that others will want to read their own work, it is also a responsibility of all writers to share the literature that interests him or her as well.

Therefore, this page!



These novels are written by my Creative Writing professor at the University of NC at Charlotte, Dr. Aaron Gwyn. It is his unique writing style that has most recently rekindled the fire of my own passion for writing. Under his guidance and teaching, I once again took notice of the stories that were boiling up within me. Having already begun a family and entered the workforce when I started taking English courses under Dr. Gwyn, the fading embers of my creative self awakened as his teaching reminded me that there was a story inside me that only I could tell. Without his encouragement, I probably would not be as bold in my writing as I am now. And after reading his own works, I continue to be inspired to write up to these creative standards.

This novel is a self-published Christian fiction work.

I will continue to add to this list. Check back regularly for updates.


Where to Find the Book You’re Looking For…

Below is a list of literature and writing resources.

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