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Poetry: Acrostic


Here’s a try at acrostic poetry. It’s difficult to conform a free-flowing thought process within the confines of a word, but here’s my attempt.

Let me know what you think.

Christian Acrostic Poem


My Debut Novel is Finally Available!!!


I’m finally a published author!


After 15 + years of fearing, holding back, waiting for the right time, etc. I took the leap and wrote my first novel.



It’s an excitement I can also share with my teenage daughter. At 13, she is a published illustrator – drawing not only the cover art, but all of the inside illustrations as well! I am so proud of her.


My novel is currently available in paperback and hardback. The e-book format will be ready for purchase in another 4 weeks.


Here’s the links where it can be purchased:


Abbott Press website




Barnes & Noble website


For those of you in the Charlotte, NC area who would like a signed copy, drop me an emailĀ hereĀ .