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A Mullica Dialogue II | Quazen


A Mullica Dialogue Ii | Quazen.

If you enjoyed  Squirrel’s first conversation, wait until you hear him get himself into trouble with Tom.

Here’s a snippet:

Tom: Now, Squirrel, you know that’s not your weekend territory. You might better not let your ma catch you round there neither.
Squirrel: I know. I know. It’s just I followed this girl there one day.
Tom: From where?
Squirrel: From her house, of course.

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A Mullica Dialogue | Quazen


A Mullica Dialogue | Quazen.

Ready for some fun with play on words dialogue? Then check this one out.

Here’s a sample:

Squirrel: Hey, man. Did you drive with the windows down again?

Mudflap: Huh? Why you say that?

Squirrel: Cause your flaps are muddy! (laughs)

Mudflap: Oh, nah. Wife had me sleeping with the pigs last night.

Squirrel: Again!? That’s the third time this week. What you do this time?

Read more: http://robin-harkey-dixon.quazen.com/recreation/outdoors/a-mullica-dialogue/#ixzz23vo0kEVe

The Irony of a Lifespan


The Irony of a Lifespan

Who are we to determine who lives or dies? Who are we to play God with another’s soul?

This poem explores the possible reasoning behind the difference in  lifespan of the happiest and most miserable of people.

Birds in Winter

Stress and a Child’s Brain


How Stress Affects Children’s Brains

“Let’s face it, children are going to experience stress in life; however, the severity of the stress and the available adult support structure within a child’s life can have both positive and negative effects, especially on the child’s brain…..” Check out my latest article to learn how stress affects a child’s brain and what you can do to help prevent and/or reverse the damage.

Poetic Imagery of a Natural Reaction


Because of Betrayal 

Betrayal, by its mere definition, requires an intimate relationship, separating its effect on yourself from simple meanness on the part of a stranger. Betrayal is a break of trust, of a sacred vow (whether spoken or silent) between two souls. Therefore, the would of betrayal cuts deep and arises within one’s soul a passionate reaction.

In this poem, I attempt to convey into words what goes on inside, both physically and emotionally, when a person learns they have been betrayed.